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Building :

The institution is spread over an area of 17363 sqm consisting of administrative block and teaching block, 1 multipurpose hall, 1 hostel, 1 drawing Hall, 10 workshop, 08 laboratories with adequate machinery, equipment, furniture, etc.

Library :

Library of GP Aamwala is a very rich with a seating capacity of 40 students. It is meant to fulfill the needs and interest of students, faculty and staff of the Institute. It has around 4000 text and reference books of Engineering & Technology, Applied sciences, general books and popular literature etc. There are 9 journals and various newspapers and magazines of both Hindi and English language. Library is equipped with printer, photocopier, projector and audio system which are used for teaching, learning and entertainment purpose. There are 5 computers in the library with internet facility so that students can access online learning material any time as all students are also registered with National Digital Library. The library timing is from 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM in all working days.

Laboratories and workshops :

The institute has the following laboratories and workshops

Physics Lab

Chemistry Lab

Electronics Lab

Communication Lab

Analog Lab


Digital and Microprocessor Lab

Dark Rooms

Electronics Workshop and Project Lab

Workshops (Carpentry and Painting Shop, Fitting Shop, Wielding Shop-I&II, Electric Shop-I&II, Smithy Shop, Electronic Shop –I& II, Sheet Metal Shop, Plumbing Shop, Machine Shop)

The institute has 1fully equipped Computer Center which has 37 personal computers with internet facility.

Computer Centre

The institute has 1fully equipped Computer Center which has 37 personal computers with internet facility.

Sports Facilities

The institute values physical health of its staff and students and encourages them to engage in sports activities. It has 1 badminton court, 1 volleyball court and a playground. It is well equipped with sport goods for indoor and outdoor games.

Hobby Centre

Institute also has a music room well equipped with different musical instruments like Congo, tabla, Harmonium and Casio etc. for the purpose of recreation of students and to engage them in the hobby of their interest.


Institute has 1 boys hostel with the capacity of 33 seats. Mess and common room facility is available in the hostel.