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Curriculum Activities (Articles)


Standing first in class is not different. It is like any other achievement in one’s academic or professional career. To get the first rank is only a matter of regular study, attention and memory. Regular study means revising whatever lesson has been taught in classroom, after finishing your assignment. Doing this regularly will ensure enough revision before examinations. This is very important forgetting high marks.

To stand first in your class you must have motivation to study and you need to have it without concentration is “eating without digestion”. You must sit down to study at a particular place and particular time. Always keep one thing in your mind. If you read without giving all your attention, you will have to do it again. It is better to do it with concentration the very first time.

Some student complains of poor memory. You can improve your memory by repeating your lesson. Forget fullness can be overcome by doing this technique. Lastly, if you wish to stand first in your class you should watch less television.

Anshul Chandola


Once upon a time the colors of the world started quarrelling saying they were the best and the most useful. Each spoke of there own superiority and so they went on boasting about themselves. Their quarreling become louder and louder.

Suddenly there was starting flash of lighting as thunder rolled and boomed. Rain started to poor down relentlessly. The colors crouched down in fear drawing else to one another for comfort. In the midst of a corny the rain began to speak “you foolish colors why do you light amongst yourselves and try to dominate each other? Don’t you know that you were each made in unlived and different colors for a specific purpose? Join hands and lone to me”. They did as they were told.

The rain continued “from now onwards, when it rains, each of you will stretch across the sky in a great bow of colors as a reminder that you can live in peace”

Now whenever good rain washes the earth, the rainbow appears, to help, to remember, to appreciate one another.

Shubham Verma